Lakewood Terrace Apartment Recycle Procedures

There are 2 black City of Tallahassee Commercial recycle “smart carts” at the apartment complex.  Parking spaces for the carts are located near the telephone pole to the left of the dumpster.  In order to use the carts, on the evening before recycle collection day they must be moved to the street, so that the handle faces away from the street, then returned to their parking spaces the next day after they have been dumped.  That means that they need to be moved from their parking spaces to the street each Sunday evening and return from the street on Monday afternoon.

It is important that the carts stay in their parking spaces except on collection day.  They must not get in way of the dumpster truck or of the mail person.  If they are continuously left next to the road (as in the last time we had recycle carts), the city will take them away.

Remember – to the curb on Sunday evening, back on Monday.

Click here for information about how to use Smart Carts and what can be recycled.